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Health & Wellbeing

Health & Wellbeing

Phoenix's dedicated Health & Wellbeing programme is in place to help improve the general quality of life of both our staff and the wider community.

All staff are given a free annual health check and also benefit from exposure to regular visits from external speakers who come to Phoenix to offer advice and guidance in and around the area of health and wellbeing.

In the community Phoenix supports a number of health promoting schemes and works closely with external agencies to help make sure we as a company are doing all we can to highlight the benefits of a healthier lifestyle. 



Increasingly, there is evidence that Phoenix’s reputation as a socially responsible organisation is helping us to attract job candidates who recognise Phoenix as a company with a strong focus on its people.

Feedback from Phoenix staff indicates that they view their time spent volunteering as beneficial – even beyond the sense of fulfilment that they gain from the experience. 82% of staff have indicated that volunteering has enhanced a number of their job-related skills.

Furthermore, Phoenix’s staff turnover fell by 7% in the past year. Staff satisfaction surveys suggest that LIFE activities are a key reason for people staying with Phoenix. 98% of staff believe the monthly Phoenix Fifteen information sessions organised for staff are an “excellent” part of Phoenix LIFE.

Phoenix also recently signed up to Business In The Community's 'Action On Health' plan.


298 suppliers provided services to Phoenix in 2012, each of whom completed Phoenix’s mandatory sustainability questionnaire, which provided assurance that their activities were not adversely impacting society or the environment.

Community Advice

Phoenix Energy Advisors in the last year visited over 10,000 homes to provide essential energy awareness and saving advice tailored to each individual home. Through these audits, Phoenix encourages people to switch to what is a lower carbon fuel, to use more energy efficient appliances, to protect their homes from heat loss, to add insulation measures and to reduce overall energy consumption.

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